Mishka (a_fall_farewell) wrote in emo_gamers,

KINGDOM HEARTS 2 short review

kingdom hearts 2: annoying and fun. There are a lot of aspects of KH2 that I didnt like, the small levels, very little puzzle solving, everything that had to do with dizney. but the battling system is fun. the story is ok and every fucking FF character between 6-10 1/2 is present... well not every character actually only a couple. Voice acting is pretty good (good ole count dooku) halle joe osmet and a couple others. and if you want to get the extra content its gonna take you around 70-80 hours to get the extra content and even at lvl 99 its difficult to get that last bit done. but any case get it if you dont mind the disney aspects of it and btw i got all teary eyed towards the end of it.
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