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who i am is not important, its what i do

X06 news

did anyone else manage to catch X06? well heres some goot news

"Halo Wars" is announced
Doom arrives on XBL
Rockstar promises "hours" worth of exclusive GTA4 content for the 360
New Banjo-Kazooie game for the 360
$199 for HD-DVD add-on and it comes with King Kong
MARVEL MMO coming to 360 and PC.
Splinter Cell 5 (not Double Agent) will be 360 exclusive
Emergence Day for Europe is Nov 17
Peter Jackson's newly announced game studio (Wingnut Interactive) are going to make a new Halo game-- one that is not Halo 3 OR Halo Wars. That means at least 3 more Halo games are eventually going to see the light of day.
BioShock exclusive to 360 and PC.

PHEW! I need me some more cash, alots more cash! and live
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