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When I got off work on friday night I rented Kotor 2 The sith lords. I spent the entire weekend on it. Literally 30 hours of work. I got up to eat and sleep and go to the bathroom. I'm not saying this is the best game I've ever played becuase it isnt.The first 5 hours are kind of boring. It starts off kind of slow. some of the cutscenes are really generic and some are really well done and indepth. in The story ( I think is the best part) there are parts in the game where your not sure if your doing the right thing . You might Get evil points for doing what might seem like the right thing which just makes the game really bad ass. For example you give a bum some money and then that bum goes and robs and kills somebody.
The battling system is semi-turn based. You can get good force powers bad force powers and universal force powers. Some parts are annoying becuase while looking through your various powers someone might hit you and bam your dead right when you found the power you wanted to use. There are also boss battles where youll find yourself hitting the boss running away and repeating until hes dead. You'll also do a lot of saving because in a boss battle theres a good chance your gonna die in the first five minutes of the fight.
The second best part of the game is the weapon custimazation you cant make lightsabers but you can find them and upgrade six parts of the lightsaber. I'd go indepth but its just standard lightsaber parts and colors with yellow and orange.
I dont think im even half way through the game yet. Its really enjoyable and if you like star wars or just action rpgs I recommend this.
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